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Social meetings are held at City Fire, Lake Sumter Landing, every Tuesday, 2-4 pm and at City Fire, Brownwood, every Thursday, 2-4 pm.

The Band of Brothers sells 50/50 tickets at each Social meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning at 2:00 pm. To obtain your tickets, see your Sergeant-at-Arms. Cut-off for ticket sales is at 3:45 pm. We have three (3) prizes each week pending the amount of funds collected.

The Band of Brothers Birthday Cake for all members who have birthdays in the current month and The Band of Brothers PX will be held on the last Tuesday of the month at City Fire, Lake Sumter Landing and on the last Thursday of the month at City Fire, Brownwood. The PX will be opened in its entirety on both dates.

All events are published in the current month newsletter, Click Here.

Band of Brothers